Monday, March 6, 2006

Building Home Base

by Kendra Grams

March 6, 2006 – This week the camp has approximately 90 residents. Next week that number rises to 150. Thus, the camp has to be expanded and we were the first in the Coe group to help with that task.

We worked on tasks as varied as rocking the drive and clearing brush to provide summer volunteers with a shady area. We also spread wood chips and put up an electrical pole. Then we cleaned out storage tents, dried everything in the sun, moved the tents to make room for a more permanent kitchen, and put everything back in the tents.

As expected, I ache. I rested for 15 minutes before even working up the energy to shower. Then when I finally made it to the shower, I greatly enjoyed my "Navy shower." I was actually happy that the hot water was delayed.

When Kristin returned she offered us a ride to the coast, just to see the destruction. Perhaps it should be described as elimination. Entire houses are simply gone. Ironically, a row of churches have intact steeples, while their entire main floors are gone. The balcony of the First Baptist Church seems to be hanging from nothing while in its Sunday school wing you could pick out the old costume corner that now is strewn amongst the rubble. Speechless. Tearless. I don’t know how to react. Part of me just can’t.

Kendra Grams is a Coe College senior from Hastings, Neb., majoring in biology and German studies.